What I did on Paternity Leave
Between feedings, diapers, and barely sleeping ... I made dis!
Plan to keep Brain working
Using d3 (visualization coding language) and the most recent data at my disposal (Diaper Changes) ... I set out to craft a quick story about the horrors (aka diapers) we witnessed
The Story Begins
Through a handy app, we know the exact number of poo packs we have endured over the last month
Horrors at all Times
And we have embraced these monstrosities at all hours of the day
Competitive Advantage?
but ... how can I use this data to my advantage?
Must Negotiate Effectively
Lets convince the wife take these shifts to minimize my exposure!
Now Lets Get Fancy
Lets look at all diapers as individual bubbles! Ok this one really isn't telling us much ... but it sure looks cool! (note: bubble sizes are random because we didn't go as far as logging relative volumes)
But who is Changing More?
Orange bubbles are what I changed (Don't Tell!)
Ok ... Clearly its Jen
Before you get all huffy at me ... we know the data is bad! Jen usually logs an entry into the app for me when I change da bebe
And Thats all for now
It has been fun ... but I need sleep