I’m interested in moving up the ranks in the competitive online card game from blizzard. I  thought it would be fun to get my hands on some Hearthstone data and see what we could make of it! Phase 1, of an eventual larger project was to find an open API call it and render a basic chart.

Finding Card Database

Luckily the hearthstone community is awesome and has a Card API setup http://hearthstoneapi.com/.

Finding Game Record Database

Sadly, I was unable to uncover any easy way to access game record data. https://hsreplay.net/ seems to have a monopoly on that data at this time. According to this communication on Reddit, they don’t plan to open it up anytime soon.  One option in the future would be to leverage data collected by the hearthScry project.

Phase 1: Lets make a basic chart
So for phase one to get my hands dirty it looks like best option is to grab the card database and render a simple graph on this data.  I decided I would build basic histogram of Card Costs for the current cards in standard.

Result:  (full  code here in an ObservableHQ workbook)


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